Knowledge of burn incidents


This courseware is now available for increase your awareness of the care, prevention and management of burn incidents. Undoubtedly, viewing this courseware and studying the contents of its chapters can be an effective step in controlling burns.

After completing this courseware, you will be able to know below features:

  • How does a burn scar expand?
  • How can one prevent the development of a burn?
  • The classification of burns based on the depth of damage  
  • Measuring the extent of burns  
  • Burn with hot liquids  
  • Burn with fire  
  • Burn due to touch  
  • Burn with electricity  
  • Burn with chemical material  
  • Burn prevention in children’s  
  • Burn prevention in the kitchen  
  • Burn prevention in the living room and bedroom
  • Burn prevention in the bathroom
  • Prevention of electrical damage at home and at work
  • Prevention of chemical burn
  • outpatient care in burn
  • Nutrition
  • Food diet in patients with burn

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Start e-Courseware: 26 August 2019
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Duration: Part-time
Version: Persian

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