OneNote Associate (ON 2019)


This online course will provide experiences to learn about working with Microsoft OneNote in office 365 and then build your skills as you learn to perform increasingly specialized procedures. This product designed for who want to use OneNote to take and organize project notes; add images, shapes, and handwriting to notes, share notes with friends and colleagues and embed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in notes to manage data and create useful visualizations. “

This courseware designed for use as a learning and reference resource by home and business users of Microsoft Office 365 programs who want to use OneNote to take notes wherever. OneNote automatically saves and synchronizes your notes so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas. OneNote’s got you covered whatever way you shape your thoughts.

If you require any questions about this online course don’t hesitate to ask. “products@stariteuro.com”

Registration deadline: 31 July 2021
Start online course: 1 September 2021
Study me: Self-paced
Duration: Part-time
Version: English
Certificate of completion of the course: Yes


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After completing this courseware, you will be able to work with features:

  • What is Microsoft OneNote in office 365? 
  • Manage notebooks, sections, and pages
  • Create and format notes   
  • Work with your notes   
  • Add ink and shapes to a notebook   
  • Review and password-protect notebook text   
  • Manage views, windows, and page versions   
  • Organize notes by using tags and categories   
  • Print and share notebooks and pages   
  • Manage OneNote options and the interface   
  • Enhance OneNote by using the Onetastic add-in   

In this online course you will develop digital note-taking, note-collaboration, and note-synchronising skills with Microsoft OneNote, which will allow you to: create and update notes, manage lists and outlines, search, add content including voice memos, pictures, and video, take notes in online meetings, and interact with other Microsoft software programs.

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