Office 365 (Word)


This courseware will provide experiences to learn about working with Microsoft Word in office 365 and then build your skills as you learn to perform increasingly specialized procedures. This product want coverage is divided into parts representing general Microsoft Word in office 365 skill sets.

This courseware designed for use as a learning and reference resource by home and business users of Microsoft Office 365 programs who want to use Word to create and edit documents.

After completing this courseware, you will be able to work with features:

  • What is Microsoft Word in office 365? 
  • Create and manage documents
  • Enter and edit text   
  • Modify the structure and appearance of text   
  • Organize information in columns and tables 
  • Simple graphic elements 
  • Insert and modify diagrams 
  • Insert and modify charts 
  • Visual elements 
  • Organize and arrange content 
  • Collaborate on documents 
  • Finalize and distribute documents 
  • Reference content and content sources 
  • Merge data with documents and labels 
  • Create custom document elements 
  • Customize options and the user interface 

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Start e-Courseware: 29 July 2019
Study me: Self-paced
Duration: Part-time
Version: English

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