Microsoft Windows 10


This online course will provide experiences and skills to audiences with the training that they need to management, deployment, install and configure  fundamentals, environments, devices and resources on Windows 10.

This courseware is intended for audiences who take part in Installing, Configuring, management and deployment Windows 10.

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Registration deadline: 31 July 2021
Start online course: 1 September 2021
Study me: Self-paced
Duration: Part-time
Version: English
Certificate of completion of the course: Yes


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After completing this courseware, you will be able to work with below features in Windows 10 :

  • Work on Windows 10 
  • Personalize your working environment
  • Manage and configure on folders and files
  • Peripheral devices
  • User accounts and settings
  • Network
  • Storage resources
  • Computer settings
  • Power and access options
  • Work with apps and Internet

In this online course, audiences will learn how to support the installation tasks associated with Windows 10. Audiences will develop skills that include learning how to install and customize Windows 10 operating systems. Audiences will also learn about the new Windows servicing model and methods for keeping Windows up to date. The course will conclude with common post-installation tasks.

Audiences will learn how to support the configuration tasks associated with Windows 10. Audiences will develop skills that include managing storage, files, drivers, and printers as well as how to configure network connectivity for Windows 10. This course will also cover managing and deploying applications.

Audiences will learn how to manage and troubleshoot Windows 10. This course will deep-dive into the architecture and tools used for managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the OS, Apps, and hardware. Audiences will learn about proactive and troubleshooting methodology, and how to identify and mitigate common issues.

Audiences will learn how to secure the Windows 10 OS and protect the data on the device. Audiences will be introduced to common methods used for authentication and access control. This course will teach how to configure file and folder permissions and creating security policies. Audiences will also be introduced to the different types of external threats and how to leverage features like encryption and firewalls, as well as tools like Windows Defender.

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