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We specialise in creating eContent, engaging and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation and creativity to enhance learner retention. Depending on customer needs, our products on eLearning and mobile content could include text, video, audio, image, photo gallery, tests and questions, training animations and simulations, interactive scenarios or gamification. We apply a blended learning model to all of our learning designs, and we tailor your courseware to fit exactly what you need on each course. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field.


digiBook is a type of Interactive Book that is specially designed for universities, colleges, institutes, schools, education centres and publishers. Our digiBook technology will convert any educational books in any level of education to a digital form that can increase students’ learning and creativity. This technology will be very easily accessible and works on all operating systems and on every device. Content can include texts, sound, photo galleries, movies, 2D/ 3D animations and simulations which will be designed according to the needs of each customer.


We offer a wide range of authorised courses for both end users and technical personnel. We create the highest quality eLearning courseware curriculum possible, ensuring you receive the knowledge needed to succeed. We combine proven learning methodologies with the latest technology, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed and that you get the most value from your training investment. Our advantage is the use of the latest eContent technologies in our courses, set in our advanced self-study format. At the end of each course. We give a valid certificate.

Web design

We build custom websites and webshops of all complexities. Our professionally designed websites are visually impressive and easy to navigate. You deserve a website and webshop design partner that will produce a selling machine for your business. Not just a pretty face. Our specialist ecommerce design team have created over 100 bespoke ecommerce sites, some highly complex, for both large and small businesses across the world. We focus on creating attractive design and layout to best suit your ecommerce business. We cater for a variety of businesses from different sectors.


  • e-Content Production Courses

    After completing these courses, you can generate and modify any original source for creating innovative, effective, practical, and engaging e-Content for your education tailored to your audiences than needs and specific goals by generating and updating content or a new blended learning approach. We have tried to make these courses very effective for the audience. […]

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  • Hair and Beauty Courses

    After completing these courses, you can acquire the necessary skills to perform practical activities in the field of hair and beauty. We will help you to build a successful career as a professional artist in the fields of hair and beauty. With our help, you can develop your specific specialty that will help your business […]

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About Us

The Star IT Euro is a producer of e-Learning products, services and solutions. We develop digital learning content, courseware, digiBook, digiBrochure, Website and Webshop design. Also, we hold Information Technology, Hair and Beauty online training courses.

Star IT Euro has over 19 years of experience working with more than 12870 hours of eLearning productions, digital learning content developments, courseware, digiBooks, online IT Training, website and webshop design for more than 48 clients in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East.

Our team specialised in a wide range of e-Learning, e-content, courseware, digiBooks and IT targeting with the aim of providing Information Technology development targeting all of the educational sectors with offering solutions, services and products to all countries around the world.

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Whatever your needs are, we will find you the right eLearning solution


Enabling Technology

We create the highest quality digital content curriculum possible, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.

Providing Experiences

We have the learning and technical expertise to design and implement a full range of e-Learning and blended learning programs to engage users.

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Explore the learning solutions we designed for our customers, leveraging the latest learning strategies and instructional design principles.


Understanding the needs of our clients and delivering results that position them ahead of the competition.











  • We have found Star IT Euro to be very responsive to all our needs and they have produced a good quantity of high-quality e-Content. We have used them for all phases of e-learning content development.

    Amy Silvertramp
    Content production manager a University in Europe

    I used the Star IT Euro training course in the e-Content production field. I really learned things in this Courseware that I must have had years of work experience to learn them all in a normal situation.

    Ahmed Adil
    Content production employee a College in North Africa

  • Overall, we are very pleased with the work that has been produced by Star IT Euro. We are doing this for the first time and Star IT Euro has clearly demon-started and are willing to work with this.

    Sarah Marshall
    Manager of e-Learning department a Medical College in Middle East

    We are very satisfied with every aspect of the web design that Star IT Euro has undertaken for our website to-date, quality, speed of turnaround and value for money is first class.

    Ebru Öztürk
    Manager of an online store in Turkey



Star IT Euro believes that learning operates on a continuum and is not isolated to individual training events. Our blended approach combines the appropriate learning modalities, technologies, delivery times, and accessibility options to create custom solutions that meet client learning goals and objectives in a broad range of learning environments. We produce e-Content for your education course with high quality and warranty.

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