£980.00 Inclusive of VAT

digiChurch is a smart web-based platform designed according to the needs of churches, and we set up digiChurch for each church according to activities of that church (after receiving the platform purchase order).

digiChurch is exactly the smart platform that every church needs in today’s world. The members of every church with digiChurch will find more participation with their church and can have the church by their side for spiritual communications and strengthening of the Holy Spirit all the days of the year.



digiChurch consists of the following items:

  • Website
  • Webshop
  • Live broadcasting system
  • Smart System of Donations to the Church
  • Professional Search Engine Optimization Package (SEO)

Please don’t hesitate, If you have any questions before ordering digiBeauty, you can ask your question by email “sales@stariteuro.com”.

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