E.A Eyelash Extensions


The “Everything about Eyelash Extensions” training course, you’ll learn about beauty routines, practices, and techniques for eyelash styling and lengthening lashes. You’ll know about synthetic extensions, procedures for applying and removing lash extensions and types of artificial fibres used for extending eyelashes. You’ll also learn different kinds of lashes suitable for different makeup and face structure, health and hygiene issues.

If you require any questions about this online course don’t hesitate to ask. “[email protected]

Registration deadline: 18 June 2021
Start online course: 26 July 2021
Study me: Self-paced
Duration: Part-time
Version: English
Certificate of completion of the course: Yes


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The “Everything about Eyelash Extensions” training course will teach you how to professionally prepare the eyes, apply individual eyelash extensions and safe removal techniques. Maintenance and aftercare will be discussed to fully prepare you for delivery of this service.

This course cover the specifics of applying eyelash extensions as well as looking at the physiology and anatomy of both eyes and lashes.

Key Topics To Be Covered By Eyelash Extensions Course:

  • Advanced Techniques
  • Anatomy Of The Eye
  • Anatomy Of The Skin
  • Application Techniques
  • Application of individual lashes
  • Colour Blending – Using Coloured Lashes
  • Consultation techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Choosing correct lashes for client’s eye-shape
  • Health, safety & hygiene
  • Maintenance procedure
  • Patterns & Placement
  • Removal process

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